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We provide the latest service for CRTi using the most modern equipment, the technical capabilities and installation efficiency of which surpass the competitors!

We provide a full range of oil and gas raw materials, light and dark petroleum products. The products are manufactured by the largest domestic factories and meet all Russian quality standards.

We work efficiently thanks to the fleet of fuel trucks and tankers, the presence of mobile gas tankers, our own bases in Surgut, Novy Urengoy and Khanty-Mansiysk. We deliver by railway and motor transport in all regions of the Russian Federation.

We provide oil and gas services

Real volumes in the right amount in the contract term!

Recent important oil industry events with our participation


Casing rotation during running and casing rotation during cementing during well construction in the Salmanovskoye (Utrenneye) field (2747 m.)

177.8 mm in diameter to a depth of 2747 m

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Oil refinery processing contract with “SMOLNEFT” Refinery

Signing a contract for oil refining at the “SMOLNEFT” Refinery in the Smolensk region

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Contract with the Purovsky Oil Refinery (YNAO) for oil products processing

Signing of a contract for oil processing at the Purovsky Oil Refinery (YNAO)

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We guarantee high quality of rendered services, flexible price policy and will always be glad to see you among our business partners.