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Elevator links (single-string)

Designed to hold casing string on the elevator by weight while drilling deep wells.

Attached to the hook block / top drive system of the unit.

  • Single-string drilling links are a one-piece construction forged with special alloy steel of high strength and rigidity. They are used to suspend the casing string system when drilling deep wells.

    Carrying capacity of single-string links corresponds to 75, 150, 250, 350, 500,750 tons.


    • All links are seamless and undergo heat treatment and surface treatment, as well as strict control and testing by nondestructive method.
    • They are characterized by resistance to abrasion, long service life, as well as simplicity and safety of operation.
  • Type  Nominal load Length, mm Size,
    length x width x height, mm
    Weight, kg
    DH150 1350 1800 1980х270х100 60
    DH250 2250 2700 2900х360х110 150
    DH350 3150 3300 3500х386х130 226