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CRTi (Casing Running Tool)

The system is designed for controlled casing string lowering, casing drilling, gripping and holding the casing strings by weight during make-up

The scope of delivery includes single-string links

  • It is used on drilling rigs equipped with a top drive system that allows for coupling and uncoupling of joints, circulation of drilling fluid and rotation of casing string.


    CRTi 4-7.0 (Casing Running Tool)

    Field of application

    Drilling of oil and gas wells. This type of casing string lowering system can be used on all types of drilling rigs, both onshore and offshore.

    Service life

    More than 10 years..

    Service maintenance

    This casing string lowering system contains all the necessary components for service during the first 30 casing runs. Service maintenance is performed by GeronNefteService LLC.


    • Fast installation on one threaded connection;
    • Absence of hydraulics;
    • Possibility of rotation and vertical movement of casing and strings reduces friction in the well
    • Possibility to start CRTi walking at any moment of descent with simultaneous circulation and rotation;
    • Reducing the number of personnel involved in the casing lowering process;
    • Increase the casing rate.
  • Specifications:

    Load capacity 381 t
    Available diameters 178 mm. (7'), 245 mm. (9-5/8'), 324 mm. (12-3/4')
    Maximum torque 67,7 kNm
    Temperature range ±40 С°
    Flushing pressure 344 bar
    Tool length (without sealing unit) 1.499 mm. (59.0 in)
    Connection thread type 6-5/8” REG
    Maximum number of revolutions for activation 1.1

    more info (technical passport)

    Aviable configs

  • Links (single-string)

    Designed for weight-holding of casing string lowering system with drill string or casing string when drilling deep wells. They are attached to the hook block of the drilling rig.
    Characteristics and description


    Casing shoes

    Used for bottom of casing to guide the wellbore and protect against damage during running-in; Provides improved conditions for running-in to the well and achieving the specified design depth; Available sizes: 178 - 340 mm; Drilled with standard roller-cone and PDC bits.


    Float collars

    Used to equip the bottom of the casing string to prevent backflow of fluid during cementing; Supplied in Single and Double Valve version; Extended circulation time; Available in sizes: 178 - 340 mm.



    They are installed on the casing body; the shape of the blades reduce the destruction of the filtration crust; ensure strict centering; reduce the wear of the casing string; improve the quality of trunk cleaning due to turbulence; contribute to improving the quality of cementation.


    MLT Rings

    Significantly increase the maximum torque for Batress or CTC threaded connections